Development Economics, LMU 2021 Summer

There are only 30 STATA licences offered by the university that can be used at one point of time. Due to this limitation and to the large number of students attending, I decided to change the format of the tutorial as follows (note that the approach is akin to inverted classroom method):

  • On Friday, April 16, I will randomly assign students to groups of 4. These would be fixed groups throughout the semester. I’ll encourage you to meet for a bit, exchange contacts, and get to know one another.
  • I would assign you detailed instructions for the paper replication. You would work on the task for the week and prepare a joint (feel free to use collaborative features such as shared google docs, dropbox, github, slack).
  • Feel free to reach out to me if your group gets stuck, I would try to clarify.
  • We would then go over the solutions step-by-step in the next tutorial. I would encourage students to present their solutions, so make sure you are well prepared and your solutions can be presented digitally (have a pdf / google doc / code and output screenshots…). I would mainly just moderate the discussion.
  • At the end of each tutorial, I will assign instructions for the next paper replication that we cover the week after.
  • Note that you would ultimately be given the solutions. But make sure to work on it independently. The main experience is the actual trial and error when you try to come up with your own solutions. This makes it different from a lecture!!!

On April 16, I will also have a Stata starter for those who are interested. Those already experienced with Stata do not need to attend. Check the .do file below to see if you are familiar with all the commands or if you need [to learn it/a refresher].

There is a Moodle tutorial (in German) how to set up the remote access and run Stata: (Einschreibeschlüssel is “RemoteCIP@FIT”)

Some rules:
  • IDEALLY NOT TO LOG IN BEFORE 4pm on weekdays
  • DO NOT LOG IN: Tuesdays from 8am to 2pm
  • DO NOT LOG IN: Wednesdays from 8am to 2pm
  • DO NOT LOG IN: 20.04. and 22.04.2021 from 8am to 6pm

NOTE: only 30 students can be simultaneously logged in. If you are not granted access, just try in a bit. As a courtesy to other students, log out whenever you are finished to allow others to get in.

Development Economics

Vojtěch Bartoš:

  • Exam: Thursday, May 28, 12-14, Online
  • Lectures:
    • Wed 12:30 – 15:45, Zoom (see LSF for access details; use your LMU account)
  • Tutorials:
    • Fri 12:30 – 15:45, Zoom (see LSF for access details; use your LMU account)
  • Office hours: by appointment via email

Course syllabus

PDF download You can download the most recent version of the course syllabus here.

Please, before asking me questions about the logistics of the course, try to find the answers in the syllabus. Most likely you will find the answers there.

Readings for the course

Please, find the readings here. See LSF for access details.

Lecture slides


Tutorial reports repositories

Sample exam

Click here for a sample exam.

Exam results