Assistant Professor, University of Munich, Germany
Development Economics, LMU 2019 Summer

Please note: All lectures are starting at 12:05 sharp.

Development Economics

Vojtěch Bartoš:

  • Lectures:
    • Thu 12:30 AM – 15:45 AM, Geschw.-Scholl-Pl. 1 (E) – E 006
  • Tutorials:
    • Fri 14:15 AM – 17:45 AM, Ludwigstr. 28, RG 023 (CIP III)
  • Office hours: by appointment via email

Course syllabus

PDF download You can download the most recent version of the course syllabus here.

Please, before asking me questions about the logistics of the course, try to find the answers in the syllabus. Most likely you will find the answers there.